Caring for Noblet Creek Kids
From birth, kids are pulled from their dams and bottle fed heat treated and probiotic inoculated colostrum. By 24 hours of age, the kid has been switched to probiotic inoculated pasteurized milk and by 2 days of age have started lambar training. Once they’ve made the connection that the lambar means food, they’re slowly transferred to cold milk and free feed. All registered kids are disbudded and tattooed during this stage.
If in Noblet Creek Farm’s care at 3 weeks, we’ll start coccidia prevention and introduce hay.
Usually by 4 weeks, the kids are chowing down well on their grain and milk gets reduced to 3x per day. Weaning starts at 14-16 weeks with delayed milk feedings and consistent grain and hay feedings.
Final weaning takes place from 4-5 months.