Balingary CB Daisy

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ADGA Genetics Pedigree

DOB: March 03,2014 | G6S Normal via test | ADGA N001677950

Sire’s Sire: Blissberry SM Rock Solid FS86 (VVV ) @ 03-01

Sire’s Dam: GCH Balingary Calico Lass FS90 (VEEE) @ 04-03

Sire: Balingary Cool Breeze

Dam: SG Balingary RS Delilah FS90 (EEEE) @ 06-00

Dam’s sire: Blissberry SM Rock Solid FS86 (VVV ) @ 03-01

Dam’s Dam: SG Balingary Animae FS90 (VEEE) @ 03-02

Planned Breeding: Exposed to Noblet Creek Dreamboat for May 2024 kids
Availability: All offspring retained

Daisy is a favorite here at Noblet Creek with her overall structure, demeanor, and longevity in the Noblet Creek herd and our foundation dam line we’re actively building out currently.

She excels in producing offspring that follow in her footsteps of a never ending appetite and a quirky habit of throwing their head down and weight forward at the first sign of a collar and lead.

Daisy was born when Youngstock were still being scored by ADGA. Her and her full twin,Balingary CB Belle, were both given VV+V while at their breeder’s shortly before coming to Noblet Creek.