Thank you for your interest in the Noblet Creek Dairy Goat Herd!

The Noblet Creek herd started in 2014 with two nubian’s from Janet Jetton of Balingary Nubian’s in Fayetteville, TN. Additions were added in 2015 from E&M Farms, Bulletcreek, & Stocks Farm Inc for Nubians and an Oberhasli from Trinity Rose. In 2017, we added a Bootleg Farm buckling, three doelings and had our first healthy kids.
As of 2022, the Nubian herd has expanded to anywhere from 25-30 does with a major narrowing of the dam lines we want to focus on in the Nubian herd, primarily Balingary CB Daisy with a secondary line out of Bulletcreek DQ Blizzard. Our breeding program will see a lot of Tony 2nd Of Evania style breeding over the next few years. AI will be used extensively to keep a large number of bucks produced genetically available. We may also have a local source for ET for the fall 2023 breeding season.
The Oberhasli herd is getting established for fall 2022 and breeding plans over the next few years hinge on what’s available.
The herd is maintained on free choice local grass hay, a locally grown and milled 16% lactation ration or an 18% show goat ration depending on age and condition, alfalfa pellets and free choice loose minerals. Pastures are sporadically available but due to our location in a hot, humid, and potential heavy rainfall area i.e. parasite haven, pastures are always considered a supplemental portion of the herd’s diet.