Noblet Creek Terms of Sale for Livestock
We love you’ve chosen Noblet Creek for your next herd addition! Our goal is to provide you with the best animal possible and we would appreciate the opportunity to help you in your choice.
Reserving a Noblet Creek Kid
Prices for kids are listed on our doe pages along with current availability and the sire of those kids. Listed pricing is for pick up at the farm only. We require a $250 non-refundable deposit to reserve on a breeding. We accept two buck reservations and two doeling reservations per doe and recommend including a first and second choice for your reservation. Reservations are placed based on the order deposits and a signed contract are received. You’ll be notified within 24 hours of your choice being born with an invoice to pay the remaining balance due. Confirmation of notice is required within 72 hours or your order will be canceled and all monies paid will be forfeited. Invoice must be paid in full and kid/s picked up by 14 days of age. If your choice kids are not available, you will receive the option of a full refund of your deposit and any other monies paid, an option to purchase a different kid available, or to transfer to the next years reservations. Kids not picked up by 14 days of age will have a boarding fee charge of $30/week until 6 weeks of age that must be paid in advance. Kids not picked up or shipped by 6 weeks without special signed arrangements made between Noblet Creek Farm LLC and the buyer will be relisted with all monies paid being forfeited.
Purchasing a Noblet Creek Bred Doe
Bred Does are occasionally available shortly before and during breeding season. Prices range from $875 to $2200 depending on the breeding and will be listed on our Livestock For Sale page. The above price range includes a $300 non-refundable deposit unless the doe dies in our care. There’s no guarantee of the does being bred beyond the standard protocol of a buck pen breeding the doe for 42 days. Confirmation of breeding is possible at buyer’s expense at the time of sale but is still not a guarantee of the doe being bred. There are two options for bred adult does.
Option 1: We’ve already exposed the doe to our buck of choice. These bred does must be picked up and paid in full within one week of completing breeding and/or agreement to purchase unless other arrangements are made with Noblet Creek Farm LLC in writing and agreed to. Delay in pick up may require us to reconsider the sale.
Option 2: The doe is bred to your buck of choice out of our live cover line-up for six weeks. Option 2 does must be paid for in full before breeding. Again, bred does must be picked up within one week of completed breeding unless other arrangements are made with Noblet Creek Farm LLC in writing and agreed to. Delay in pick up may require us to reconsider the sale.
Refunds for Option 2: Refunds: Once breeding commences no refunds will be given for any reason beyond the doe being bred dying in our care or if after she has left the premises, a vet performing the proper necropsy/exam to determine a cause that would be NCF’s responsibility. If you, the buyer, cancels the sale for option 1: The non-refundable $300 deposit will be forfeited.
Reserving an American Guinea Hog piglet
Piglets can be reserved at 8 weeks of age with a $250 non-refundable deposit only required and accepted on breeding stock. Deposits hold your piglet until the pick up date agreed upon unless other arrangements have been made. Pick up is required by 16 weeks of age for all reserved piglets.
  • Barrows are ready anytime after weaning and are $150 until 12 months of age. Gilts deemed unfit for breeding are retained on the farm and available for custom processing halves and wholes.
  • Registered Gilts: $600
  • Registered Boars: $400
How NCF Accepts Payments
B2B Payments
Our processor is Melio Payments for business to business sales and gives you the option to pay via credit, debit, or ACH. Credit and Debit purchases have a 2.9% charge in addition to the invoice and ACH is free. Please let us know if you’re a business and we will set your purchase up on our account and send you the link.
B2C Payments
If you’re not a business we can run your payment through our Paypal or Venmo account.
All invoices will be filled out with your contact info and your reservation information. Please verify your information is correct before sending payment.
Payments must be made by those 18 years of age or older that are legally able to enter a contract to purchase. If you’re a minor, please have your parent or legal guardian contact us to arrange reservations. Any reservations sent by a minor without a parent or guardian arranging the purchase will be cancelled & refunded immediately.
Shipping Arrangements for Noblet Creek Live Animals
Arrangements can be made for shipping goats or pigs on a case by case basis and will result in additional charges including but not limited to the costs of transport, Certificate of Vet Inspection(CVI) requirements, carrier, etc. Shipping and transport is only possible in the USA currently.

Noblet Creek Farm LLC reserves the right to retain goat kids and piglets or refuse a sale for any reason.