Twirlch SB Tiva

Dairy Goat
ADGA Genetics Pedigree

DOB: May 18,2017 | G6S Normal via parentage | ADGA N001867705

Sire’s Sire:SG Saada Revealed Mark FS82 (+V+ ) @ 03-02

Sire’s Dam: Saada Precious Blarney Gem FS89 (VEEV) @ 04-02

Sire: Stocks Farms Inc Stone

Dam: Balingary CB Belle

Dam’s sire: Balingary Cool Breeze

Dam’s Dam: SG Balingary RS Delilah FS90 (EEEE) @ 06-00

Planned Breeding: Noblet Creek Dreamboat
Availability: All offspring retained
Twirlch SB Tiva Junior yearling Twirlch SB Tiva Twirlch SB Tiva rear udder before freshening Balingary CB Belle: Dam to Tiva

Tiva is our one and only daughter out of Balingary CB Belle before we lost Belle to a freak accident on the farm.

Tiva freshened for the first time in 2020 with a beautiful even and well attached udder sealing her place in Noblet Creek’s main line-up of does. Unfortunately, as of 2023, Tiva has hit a rough spot in a seemingly chronic limp in her front shoulder and upper leg area and also a strange blow to half of her beautiful udder that seems to be injury over infection. She’s been very stingy with does with Queen being her only viable contribution as of 2023. We’re hopeful she can continue being a building block for the future generations but for now we’re guarded in her future in the herd.